Emack and Bolio’s: Great Ice Cream, Great Marketing

Go get Emack and Bolio’s Ice Cream while you still can, it closes for the season October 1st! Located on Delaware Ave in Downtown Albany, Emack and Bolio’s unique and delicious ice cream flavors in crazy giant waffle cones are every college student’s dream. With flavors like “S’moreo”, “Chunk-o-Funk”, and “Heaven”, there are so many delicious treats to choose from. The cones are outrageous, particularly the ones dipped in marshmallow and coated in Rice Krispie Treat, Fruit Loops, Oreos, or Fruity Pebbles. They also have cones dipped in chocolate; the M&M ones are my personal favorite. I chose to analyze Emack and Bolio’s of Albany’s website as part of a Digital Marketing assignment for Professor Pepe’s class.


When you Google Emack and Bolio’s, the meta description is their slogan, “Ice Cream for the Connoisseur”, showing the quality of their product. The landing page of Emack and Bolio’s website is bright and eye-catching, showing icons for categories such as “Ice Cream and Yogurt”, “Shop Locations”, and “Fudge and Chocolate”, depicted as planets revolving around the company’s logo. Conversion is through contacting a representative to own a franchise or buy wholesale products, or to purchase paraphernalia such as hats and t-shirts. The website maximizes revenue by listing the locations of every store, which will bring sales to these stores, as well as by selling souvenir items. The domain authority of the page is 45/100 and there are 1047 total links.

Under the “Shop Locations” category, you can find the Albany shop’s specific website, http://www.ealbany.com. If you were to Google “Emack and Bolio’s Albany”, this is the first result. However, the meta description simply says “Web Design by Amble Studio”, which uses no key words and does not describe the content of the website at all, which is likely to decrease traffic to the website. A meta description with key words such as “Albany” and “ice cream” would more effectively increase traffic through search engine optimization.

The landing page of the Albany location is colorful like the main company page, but it has so much text that the overall aesthetic is overwhelming. There are logos from Facebook, Twitter, and TripAdvisor, which is a way of building traffic to the website. Conversion on the website is through cake and dessert orders directly from the website, as well as a party planning service (they have an ice cream truck!!) Conversion would be increased by creating a simpler and more user-friendly layout for the website. Emack and Bolio’s could maximize revenue by creating online forms for birthday party and catering orders rather than print forms. This would simplify the process of placing an order and motivate more customers to do so, which would maximize sales revenue. The website has a 29/100 score for domain authority, and only 107 total links.

Although Emack and Bolio’s websites, both the company’s website and the local Albany shop demonstrate very effective marketing, improvements could be made to create more traffic, boost conversion, and generate more revenue.